Monday, April 18, 2022

Fishermen off the coast of Ghana guide their canoe to the shore. (Photo: John W. Fountain)

I still do not understand
Have yet to comprehend
Her beauty
Her hold upon
The soul
That breathes her in
With heaping inhalations
Her winds
In deep denominations
Of heat
and Cool
Her tranquil pools
Along rock-laden, sandy ocean shores
Where waves crash & roar
With gentle incessant repetition
Where a giant blue canoe
Dances upon the ocean
Beauty in motion
Even as the rain pours
And the breeze
Carries the scent
Of African paradise
As coconut
And palm trees
Take their ease
Beneath a gray puffy canopy
And the horizon
Winks in the distance
With florescent light

Something here
In Ghana
That cuts to the bone
That sinks
Into the pores
That kisses the soul

Like buckets
of golden sunshine
On a perfect Ghanaian morn
Or bowls
of raindrops
Watering parched land

beneath these sands
I cannot comprehend
The way
She keeps calling me

Something in her music
And song
In her rhythms
And harmonies
That dance gracefully
Upon this sacred ballad
of the Motherland
That speaks to me
Like a gentle rainy
Ghanaian breeze

And yet,
I do not comprehend
—John W. Fountain

Waves crash upon rocks on the coast of Ghana. (Photo: John W. Fountain)